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I haven’t seen a lot of the Coruscant apartment screenies on my dash.  Or any, actually.  So have a few pictures of Jurial’s (as yet rather spartan) Jedi Hostel.  Minor commentary in captions.

The floor plan looks identical to the Dromund Kaas apartment, but with different wall textures and a warmer color palette.  And that conservatory!  And sky!  

I’d like to set it up as something more like a real hostel, with sleeping rooms for multiple guests/students, meditation spaces (conservatory!) and such.  Jurial’s Home for Slightly Heretical Jedi who still follow the Light but maybe not all the official Jedi tenets, where they can have long philosopical discussions about everything.  But I’ll have to plunk down some more cartel coins to see what the rest of the apartment looks like first.


Anonymous asked:

How to write a smoking character?


This isn’t something I know much about but I actually recently started working on a superhero character who smokes (I know that sounds like an oxymoron, it’s a long story), so I might as well start finding resources now!

Of course, talking to someone you’re comfortable with who smokes is always a great option if it’s available to you.

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