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I’ve had some people interested in commissioning some work of their SWTOR characters.  I made this guide to better explain to them what I need but hopefully other people will find it useful as well. —————————————————————————————————

Fraps can be downloaded at

If you want your companion character in the picture make sure to include good references of your companion character.

If you have a lightsaber with a weird blade effect (like the Gree light sabers) it’s a good idea to include at lest one shot of the full blade so the artist can see it.

A character sheet is really not necessary, it’s handy, but if you are unsure about your computer graphics skill just send the screen shots. 

If you are an imperial character you can talk to Lenna Corr on Tatooine (she’s in Mos Ila) for a cut scene that offers some good opportunities for screen shots.

I haven’t come across a good Republic side equivalent yet. I will update if I find one. If any one has a suggestion for a repeatable quest that offers good views (with good lighting) of you and your companion character please tell me.

If you have any questions or corrections feel to let me know. :)

This is an amazing and awesome resource that should definitely have more exposure. Thank you for not only compiling these suggestions from your own experience, impe, but also showing “the proof in the pudding” with screen caps!

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