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Choose your own adventure #5 Rock star for alaurin101

OC: Katrynka as Joan Jett

SQUEEE!!!!  This just made my day!!  Fantastic rendition of Katrynka as a rock star……and Joan Jett no less!!  One of my all time fav female rockers!  I have no words that could possibly express my thanks, but THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH KABE!!  YOU’RE THE BEST! 


Tryin’ something a little different.  striges13's Shen, from Cleaner One: Saga of a Reluctant Agent. (Or how I picture him anyway!)

OMG this is AWESOME and completely unexpected!!  Thank you so much!  

I’m looking at putting his story on a subblog and I haven’t been able to get a good avatar so this is timely as well.  I love this depiction of him.  It’s great.  Thanks again.

Did I say thanks?  I hope you don;t mind me using it as an avatar.  It’s perfect.

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